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The Domination Difference

Healthy Lawn, Healthy Family

We believe in high-quality organic lawn care that’s safe for kids, pets, and our environment. Our philosophy in quality lawn care go further than just a beautiful lawn that you can see, we look beneath the surface for healthy soil and roots. Our programs and dedicated team will assist you every step of the way, glorifying God in the process.

Lawn Domination keeps your family healthy
Lawn Domination fights pesky weeds

Feed your lawn the best

We offer four tiers of packages, all of them ready, and fully capable of dominating your lawn. We know that every lawn (and wallet) has different needs. That's why we also offer a wide range of add-on plans so that your lawn gets the tailored care it needs.

Lawncare Plans

Hybrid Organic

  • Pet friendly after products are dry

  • Iron Application

  • Weed control to improve grass.

  • Mostly Organic

  • Every 6 Weeks Except Summer Application

  • 5 Applications per season
  • Spring, Summer, Fall
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Elite Commercial Lawn Care

  • Designed for large properties over an acre or larger.

  • Professional products that won’t cost a fortune

  • Weed control for large areas

  • We use non-organic Fertilizers to keep the lawn healthy.

  • Every 6-8 Weeks

  • 4 – 6 Applications per season
  • Spring, Summer, Fall
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Ultimate Organic

  • All the benefits of the Full Organic plus the following:

  • Humic and Bio Solids for quick uptake of nutrients

  • Micro Nutrients give your lawn everything else needed for a healthy growth.

  • Specialty Weed Control

  • Every 6 Weeks

  • 6 Applications per season
  • Spring, Summer, Fall
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Add-On Services

3 Steps BG
Lawn Domination's 3 steps to a great lawn

Mow. Water. Fertilize.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of lawn care will outweigh the cost. Lawns that are treated not only look nicer but can also help the value of your home. There are also benefits to the environment as well! The turf will enhance air quality, oxygen production, soil erosion, and much more.

Grubs can cause severe damage to your lawn by eating the plant's roots and killing the plant. The larvae burrow below the freeze line, then return to the root zone to return feeding. An insecticide, either in middle spring or early July, will help keep you from having to replace sections of your lawn.

Aeration can be done during spring or fall but the best time is the fall after all the stress from summer and the kids are done playing on it. Aeration helps loosen the soil and breaks up the clumping that occurs from use. When your lawn has room to breathe it helps let water in and take up better nutrients. It’s recommended to either apply liquid aeration or mechanical core aeration.

We don’t recommend changing through the season. These lawn plans we developed have proper rates designed for your area and grass type. Too much of one product wouldn’t be good for your lawn, and changing mid-season has a high chance of failure for your program.

The use of organic fertilizer and organic micronutrients is much better than systemic products. They won’t burn your lawn or cause any skin allergies. They are safe around pets and kids while still helping your lawn grow. Most organic fertilizers are made from biosolids or plant-based products, so you know what is going into the soil. Organic products with help with nutrient uptake, break down clay particles and help with root uptake.

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